About Frontier Holidays

A Message from Frontier's Director, Callum Christie

"Frontier Holidays has grown from the many years I have spent exploring the Spanish countryside. As a fluent speaker of Castellano, having lived here for 20 years, I've kept in close contact with the emerging rural tourism trade. From my walking in Spain, I have met many professionals at the forefront of planning and implementing new routes and holiday destinations.

My main objective, always, is to discover local partners who display a real passion for their area. Local experts who are knowledgeable about the history, flora and fauna, gastronomy and landscape of their unique corner of Spain. It takes time and effort to develop this level of excellence. Frontier clients benefit from our close business relationships with accommodation and transport providers, as well as local attractions and guides. All of which unites to enrich your holiday experience."


Frontiers' Roots In Spain

Frontier Holidays was established in 2001 with a portfolio of Nature Park Walks along the ancient Andalucian Frontier between Christian and Moorsih kingdoms, from which the company took its name. The range of walking centres and long-distance routes has steadily increased to include several unspoilt areas of natural beauty throughout Spain.

Having lived most of his adult life here, Callum has a special empathy with the landscape, its people and their culture. Over the years he’s built up a wealth of knowledge of Iberian flora and fauna and thanks to a talent for discovering networks of lost paths, usually manages to avoid the most trampled zones. All this, according to clients, heightens their appreciation of their holiday. We have been delighted to welcome back walkers for their 9th and 10th journey with us. 

Frontier Ethos

Frontier strives to put together good 'value for money' holidays. We tend to avoid the over-exposed centres believing that nature can best be appreciated away from the hordes. Our hope is to present a flavour of authentic Spain and an insight into the shaping of the land and its natural history that we know so well. 

All the accommodation is chosen according to the comfort and friendliness, not to mention the good food and wine, encountered in each area. Whilst we run a selection of guided walking holidays, many clients choose to walk on an independent basis. Frontier's specially produced packs, featuring Callum's personal walking notes and route maps, allow you the feeling of discovering an area for yourself.

Frontier continues its mission to help to introduce hikers to new walking areas and is currently developing new walking journeys in La Rioja, the Pyrenees, Mallorca and Aragon.  It’s our ambition to bring you back to explore more of Spain on foot with Frontier Holidays each year.

Frontier launched the inaugural Andalucian International Walking Festival in the spring of 2012, in partnership with the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park and Ayuntamiento of El Burgo, in the province of Malaga. It was such a success that we are inviting you to join us in 2013!


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Callum Christie in the Muntanyes de Prades, Catalunya