Andalucian Festival 2014 - 3rd Edition

Guided Walks


Escape the winter blues and discover the real Andalucia this spring! Join us for a week long unique event with a packed programme of beautiful walks, exciting masterclasses, and colourful and fun fiestas: The Carnaval and Andalucia Day.

Visitors will find a warm and friendly welcome to this vibrant region, which enjoys long winter days, blue skies and a magnificent landscape already coming alive with early spring colour. Our Festival de Andalucia 2014 makes the perfect holiday to relax, find creative inspiration, and immerse yourself in true Spanish culture.

Brighten your winter surroundings and come to our Andalucian Festival. You'll enjoy a fantastic blend of traditional fiestas and expertly led activities.


Colourful Andalucian Fiestas

Colourful Andalucian Fiestas - Festival of Andalucia 2014Carnaval - A chance to watch the wonderfully inventive group and individual costumes take over the streets. Why be a spectator, when you will be warmly welcomed if you partake in the festivities?

Dia de Andalucia - 28th February. A public holiday, when the villagers of El Burgo muck in to make the delicious local dish "La sopa de los 7 ramales". The communal meal is followed by traditional dances performed by local groups.

Semana Cultural - A week of cultural events including theatrical performances organised by the town hall of El Burgo. This is a great chance to improve your language skills, and will provide a unique insight into Andalucian culture.

Evening Entertainment - A chance to experience a local flavour of El Burgo, a traditional and picturesque Andalucian village.


Inspiring Walks

Two daily walks of different grades (see Itinerary for more details) in and around the nearby Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park.  Routes will be led by local guides and Callum Christie, Frontier's director.  All local transfers included.

Inspiring Walks - Sierra de las Nieves and Montes de Malaga Nature Park

Activities and Masterclasses

Experience Andalucian customs at first hand: The flexible programme gives the freedom to pick and choose from a range of walking and other exciting activities, led by expert guides (see Itinerary for more details).

Entertaining Activities and Masterclasses at the Andalucian Festival

Enjoy the sounds of Flamenco, learn the basic steps and build your appetite for our Paella feast. Test your taste buds wine tasting some of Andalucia's exciting vintages. Explore Málaga, southern Spain's art and cultural capital and place of pilgrimage for dedicated Picasso fans. Learn Spanish cooking, traditional dishes and tapas to enjoy and share back home. Our Ecology and History experts offer fascinating evening talks and insights into the landscape. Discover your Painting talents and create an Andaluz landscape in oils. Throw a pot, spin a platter, and take home your Ceramic creations. Explore the universe and discover the main features of Astronomy in the clear night skies of Andalucia. Photography and Bird Watching go hand in hand as you spend a day exploring, spotting and snapping nature with professional naturalists.


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Malaga's secret garden....Montes de Malaga

We've decided to showcase two very different areas for this year's festival. We'll start in Malaga with our base in the Nature Park of Montes de Malaga. These hills encircle the city and are frequently used by malagueños as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city.

It may come as a surprise to find a nature park so close to a major city with very little trace of human exsistence. Though mainly forested with pine, there is a richness of other plant, animal and birdlife.

Montes de Malaga Nature Park - Festival of Andalucia 2014


The Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park Awaits..

Our second Andalucian base, the pretty white mountain village of El Burgo is also in Malaga Province, just over an hour's drive from the provincial capital. Close by the spectacular Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park, El Burgo is a remote traditional village surrounded by river valleys and high mountains. The village had strategic importance during the Moorish and Roman times and was awarded Imperial Status by Emperor Trajan.

Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park is located at the heart of the Serrania de Ronda region, in the province of Malaga. This mountainous area is punctuated by deep ravines and spectacular cliffs, such as La Caína, with a drop of over 100 metres. The highest peak is Torrecilla (1,919 metres). Its greatest treasure are its conifer forests dating back to the tertiary period, featuring the Spanish fir or 'Pinsapo', one of the most meridional species of fir in the world. We will be using vehicles to get us into the heart of the park so that we can explore its most glorious features.

Sierra de las Nieves - Festival of Andalucia 2014

Flora and Fauna: The area is home to one of Andalusia's largest communities of Ibex, one of only two wild species of large hoofed mammal native to the Park, the other being the Roe deer. Also to be found here are certain animal species protected by law, such as the Genet cat, Pine marten, Wild cat, Golden and Bonelli's eagle and Otter.

In the mountain peaks, large numbers of Mountain Gall oaks and Spanish firs are to be found. At lower altitudes the Holm and Cork oak thrive. There are also small collections of Strawberry trees, Chestnuts, Yews, Maples and four species of Juniper.

Eden: Sierra de las Nieves and the village of El Burgo are part of the EU Eden initiative. You'll be able to meet some of the local folk who still preserve a traditional way of life.


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The flexible programme gives the freedom to pick and choose from a range of walking and other exciting activities

Following the success of the inaugural 2012 Festival, this unique event just had to become an annual fixture on the Frontier calendar. And the 2013 Festival was even bigger and better than its predecessor!

For 2014 we are broadening the walking horizon to take in the Nature Park of Montes de Malaga. Just a few miles north of Malaga City these pine clad hills offer a green haven and a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of every day life for many malagueños.

After a couple of nights we will transfer to the white mountain village of El Burgo, close to Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park.

Guided walks will explore the surrounding olive groves and beyond to the stunning Nature Park of Sierra de las Nieves. Take part in a wide variety of activities as well as colourful local fiestas including Andalucia Day and the celebration of Carnaval.


Day 1 - Monday 24th February

  • Transfer from Malaga airport to the Montes de Malaga Nature Park.
  • Visitor registration & reception at Hotel Cortijo de la Reina.

Day 2 - Tuesday 25th February

  • Choice from the following activities;
  • Guided walk through the surrounding forests of Montes de Malaga.
  • Guided cycle mostly downhill.
  • 'Migas' making workshop.
  • Visit to nearby historical wine press at Lagar de Torrijo.

Day 3 - Wednesday 26th February

  • Transfer to El Burgo via historic Malaga city centre
  • Guided walking tour of main sites.
  • Birdwatching in the Rio Gaudalhorce estuary.
  • Wine tasting.
  • Night time star gazing with Julian Brower.

Day 4 - Thursday 27th February

  • Cookery class with Conchi Banderas.
  • Guided walks.
  • Flora and Fauna of Sierra de las Nieves by Peter Jones.

Day 5 - Friday 28th February

  • Half day guided walks.
  • Afternoon - Dia de Andalucia Village Party.
  • Communal soup - 'Sopa de los siete ramales'.
  • Historical talk by Stephen Drake Jones

Day 6 - Saturday 1st March

  • Guided botanical walk.
  • Oil Painting session.
  • Evening entertainment...The Carnaval....bring your own costume!

Day 7 - Sunday 2nd March

  • Guided walks A&B.
  • Ceramic masterclass.
  • Evening Flamenco class and paella.

Day 8 - Monday 3rd March

Transfer to Malaga airport.

Note: Walk Gradings are as follows.

Grade A: a walk between 4 and 6 hours with combined altitude climb not exceeding 500m.

Grade B: a walk between 3 and 5 hours with combined climbs not exceeding 250m.

Please note that the order of events may be subject to change during the week.

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Cortijo de la Reina, Montes de Malaga Natural Park

Our first base will be in the stunning hilltop situation at the heart of Montes de Malaga Nature Park. A haven of tranquility the Cortijo de la Reina hotel provides the perfect start to the Festival.

Our second base is the pretty white village of El Burgo. Guests will be staying in the very well appointed 3 star La Casa Grande hotel. This intimate hotel features a lovely roof terrace with mountain views and a charming interior patio. All 23 rooms are decorated in the traditional Andaluz style and arranged over 3 floors. The hotel offers good accessibility and has a lift. Choose from B&B or half board.

Part of the daily ritual will be to shop for picnic items in the village or order a prepared packed lunch from the hotel. Advanced notice of dietary restrictions at time of booking, please.

Paella night is a large group dining experience for all our Festival visitors to share. On other nights the village is yours to explore and take advantage of several eateries within the village.

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Cortijo de la Reina Hotel, Montes de Malaga Natural Park


What You Said...

We thought the festival to be an excellent innovation and everyone seemed enthusiastic about what they had done. The walks suited us well as we enjoy not always walking together! The festival highlights were the cooking, the vineyard, Ronda, the evening talks, the excellent company and the enthusiasm of Callum and family...just about everything. This was a truly wonderful holiday – you would love it!” 

Jane & Mike Walsh

At a glance...

Date: February 24th - March 3rd 2014

Cost: £995 (single supplement £95).

Grade: Easy/Medium

4* Cortijo de la Reina and 3* La Casa Grande, El Burgo. Half Board, wine inc.

Getting There
Malaga Airport is the nearest airport. Flights not included.

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